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Water & Waste Water Treatment

Waste water Treatment :
The waste water management is a need of the hour in the urban areas. We are solution providerfor waste water treatment, recycle and reuse. Our waste water division cater to domestic, commercial as well as industrial waste water. We provide green and economic solutions for waste water treatment with new technologies like Reed bed technology, anaerobic digestion along with conventional systems like MBR, MBBR, SAFF etc.
Constructed Wetland Technology :
Constructed Wetland Technology is natural, low cost and sustainable technology based on natural wetland processes. This technology comes with advantage like well proven,energy less zero maintenance, no chemical, no extensive sludge maintenance, no odour, any size and shape installation, easy to construct. It uses macrophytic plants for nutrient removal, oxygenation and improved aesthetic suitable for any society, townships, industrial setups, commercial facilities etc.The waste water can treated, reuse and recycle with 10% losses for irrigation, landscaping and flushing or safe land and water discharge.
Anaerobic Bioreactor Technology :
Anaerobic Bioreactor technology is a combination of natural chemical process, Anaerobic biological treatment can be used to treat sewage water efficiently and economically to achieve the required quality of reclaimed water. The technology has three modules cascaded to achieve complete system primary treatment, secondary treatment and polishing treatment. AB Technology is designed based on the anaerobic digestion with polishing tertiary treatment and commonly used for sewage and grey water treatment. It is a biological treatment where in the absence of air or elemental oxygen organic digestion takes place. Many groups of anaerobic bacteria work together in the absence of oxygen to degrade complex organic pollutants into methane gas, carbon dioxide gas and water. The AB Technology greatly reduces up to 80 to 90% organic load and with polishing treatment the treated water is reused for gardening, toilet flushing, landscape, irrigation, cooling water, construction application etc.
Ozonation :
Ozone treatment is efficient and effective in treatment of water, waste water, swimming polls, air disinfection etc. The generators convert oxygen into ozone by using ultraviolet radiation or by an electric discharge field.Ozone is a very reactive gas that can oxidise bacteria, moulds, organic material and other pollutants found in water.Ozonation provide excellent disinfection and oxidation for varied applicable. Ozone can be added at different stages such as during pre-oxidation or final disinfection.

Using ozone to treat wastewater has many benefits:
  • Easy to Operate, installed and maintain
  • Kills bacteria effectively
  • Oxidises substances such as iron and sulphur so that they can be filtered out of the solution
  • No nasty odours or residues produced from the treatment
  • Ozone converts back into oxygen quickly, and leaves no trace once it has been used
Water Treatment Plant (WTP) :
We cater to household, industrial, commercial sector for water treatment for various use including potable use, swimming pool water treatment,ozonation, UV disinfection and ground water treatment etc. We also supply Sand filters, Carbon filters, RO System used in water filtrations in various sectors.
Lake Bioremediation :
1. Ecofloat :
Ecofloat is bio-mimetic and self-sustaining technology that is designed to remove excess pollutants, nutrients, and contaminants from lakes, ponds, streams, nallas etc. The technology is extremely low cost and works with negligible maintenance. Floating Wetland Ecosystem does not require electricity, skilled manpower or mechanical inputs unlike conventional treatment systems. We provide turnkey solutions for water body treatment like lakes, ponds, nalla etc.
2. Aeration Systems :
The deterioration of water bodies is very common in the urban areas due to waste water and effluent discharge and other anthropogenic activities. We also provide aeration systems for lakes, ponds and other water bodies. These are efficient and economic solutions for treatment of ignored water bodies.
3. Bio-cultures Or Bacterial Cultures :
We also engaged in supply of bacterial cultures for various applications such as odour control, waste water treatment, nalla treatment, solid waste management etc. It is easy to introduce, very cost effective, gives quick result with applicability at landfill sites, slaughter houses, industries, municipal wards, hospitals, malls, hotels and food industries.
UV-Treatment :
Ultraviolet (UV) kills bacteria, viruses, moulds, algae and other microorganisms and cannot reproduce further. UV systems are available for homes, society, corporate offices, hotels and industries for various applications.

  • Drinking Water: It is applicable to drinking water disinfection and removesharmful pathogens without forming disinfection by products.
  • Waste water Treatment: In waste water management after removal of BOD, COD and other pollutants and nutrients from waste water by any conventional or non-conventional process, it is equally important to remove pathogens and microbes before reusing for gardening, flushing etc.
SERVICES : Environment Consultancy | OWC | Zero Garbage Concept | Water and Waste Water Treatement | Rain Water Harvesting